Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the online store

§ 1

General provisions

  1. The online store conducts the sale of goods over the Internet, via the store system found on the websites: www.oliviaplum.pl
  2. This Terms and Conditions governs both Consumers and Entrepreneurs using online store. It covers the terms of usage of the store and conditions of sale contract with long-distance Clients using the Store.

§ 2


  1. The Consumer shall mean a natural person who purchases products in the Online Store, within the meaning of Article 221 of the Polish Civil Code.
  2. The Seller - physical person Anna Śliwińska conducting business under the name PLUM Anna Śliwińska, registered under tax identification number NIP: 644 -302- 40- 20 and national business registry number REGON: 240690250.
  3. The Buyer may be any natural person, legal person or unincorporated organizational unit using their own email account and with legal personality entitling them to perform legal transactions in accordance with the provisions of law.
  4. Entrepreneur - A natural person, a legal person and an organizational unit (that is not a legal person) whose separate rights grant legal capacity to perform business activity within the Store on its own behalf.
  5. The Store - internet store run by the Seller and found on the websites: www.oliviaplum.pl

  6. Distance Sale Contract - A Contract with Client via a remote online ordering system (including one or more tools to communicate long distance before confirming the Sales Contract) that does not require the physical presence of either party,.

A distance sale contract shall be made between the Seller and the Buyer upon the successful completion of the purchasing process as defined in the order form of the online store system found at www.oliviaplum.comwww.oliviaplum.pl

  1. Terms and Conditions  - Terms and conditions of this Store.
  2. Order  - The Consumer will be presented with an Order Form summarizing  the Sales Contract of the Product(s) between the Consumer and Seller. This represents the Order.
  3. Account - The Consumer’s account with the  Store, in which resides the Consumer’s data and information about his/ hers Orders with the Store.
  4. Order Form - Interactive web form available at the Store, enabling Consumer to  place an Order , add Products to the Shopping Cart and choosing conditions of Order, including but not limited to the type of delivery and payment.  
  5. Shopping Cart – Part of the Store where there are visible Products chosen by Consumer to be ordered. The Consumer can review and modify the details and/ or Products of Order.
  6. Product - Any item or services available at the Store which is a subject of the Sales Contract between Consumer and Seller.
  7. Sales Order - Finalized Product sales contract between Consumer and Seller via internet Store.

§ 3

Contact Information

  1. Address of the Seller: Plum Anna Śliwińska, Wspólna 13/34, 41-200 Sosnowiec
  2. Contact form available at the online Store
  3. E- Mail contact : hello@oliviaplum.com

  4. FB Messenger of the Seller : www.facebook.com/

§ 4

Technical Requirements

To use the Store and place a Sales Order, the following is required :

  1. And Internet-enabled Device with a web browser;,
  2. Active email address;,
  3. Confirmed usage of cookies.

§ 5

General information

  1. The Seller does not take responsibility for difficulties or interruptions in keeping the Store online due to force majeure , third-party illegal actions, or the incompatibility of the Store with Consumer’s Internet-enabled device and/or operating system.
  2. Viewing items on the Store does not require the Consumer set up an Account. Placing an order of a Store Product by Client is possible by providing the necessary personal data, including address, which enables the Store to proceed with the Order without setting up an Account.
  3. Prices at the Store are in PLN or EUR and represent the gross selling prices (including VAT tax).
  4. The final price that the Client has to pay is a combination of the Product price and the cost of delivery. Delivery cost is presented to the Client when they place the Order on the Store and confirm Sales Contract.  
  5. For a Contract where a Client purchases a Product or Service under a subscription whereby the Client receives said Products or Services on a fixed schedule of multiple deliveries over time, the final price is dependent upon the length of the subscription

§ 6

Conditions for Marking a Sales Order

In terms of making a Sales Order, it is necessary to:

  1. Choose a Product for the Sales Order, then click “Add to the Cart”,
  2. Have the option of making an Order without registering for the Store,
  3. Completing the Order Form by  providing the information for for the recipient and the address at which the Order should be delivered, choosing the type of delivery and filling the data for the invoice if it differs from the recipient
  4. Click “Order and Pay”
  5. Choose one of the available payment methods and pay for the Order in time provided in § 7 point 2.

§ 7

Available Methods of Payment and Delivery

  1. Client can use any of the of the following methods for delivery of the Product:
  1. Post office
  2. Courier
  1. Client can use one of the below payment methods:
    1. Credit/ Debit card
  2. More detailed information about delivery and payment methods is available at the Store website.

§ 8

Delivering the Sales Order

  1. Confirmation of a Sales Order between Client and Seller is followed by the Client making an Order and filling out the Order Form at the online Store according to § 6 Terms and Conditions.
  2. After making an Order, Seller confirms receipt and proceeds with Order fulfillment. Confirmation of an Order and proceeding with fulfillment s announced by the Seller to Client via the email provided when the Client completed the Order.If Client chooses as a Payment Method:
  1. Credit/ Debit card - Client is obliged to pay within seven (7) calendar days from confirming Sales Contract; afterwards the Order will be cancelled.  
  1. For any delivery type other than self pickup, Product will be sent by the Seller in the time frame as outlined in the description (with exception as described in 8.5) using the type of delivery chosen by Client during the Order process.
  2. Regarding delivery times, if order Products with different delivery date estimates:
    1. The longest delivery date estimate will be shown; and,
    2. Client can ask that items be delivered separately or together.
  3. Beginning of the delivery time of Products to Client is counted :
  1. In terms of choosing by Client online payment - from payment confirmation from bank of the Seller

6.  Delivery of the Product is available in the EU.

7. Delivery of the Product is being charged, unless the Sales Contract stated differently. Delivery Cost is presented to the Client at the internet Store website in the “Cost of Delivery” section during the Order Process and on the Client’s confirmation of Sales Order.

§ 9

Refunds & Returns

  1. Within 14 days Client is enable to withdraw the Contract of Sale without giving any reason.  
  2. The time from 9.1 starts running since delivery of Product to the Client or Consumer.
  3. In terms of Sales Contract with many Products that are to be delivered separately or  partially, timing presented in 9.1 starts from the delivery of the last product or partial delivery.
  4. In terms of Subscription Orders, where delivery occurs regularly over a scheduled  period of time, the terms presented in 9.1 start from delivering the first product.
  5. Client can cancel Sales Contract by presenting to the Seller a written desire to cancel.  To  maintain the terms of cancelling of the Contract it is necessary that Client send a written notice of cancellation of the contract before this period of time ends.
  6. Written notice of cancellation can be sent via traditional post, electronically by sending the email to the Seller’s email address or by submitting a from on the website of the Seller. (Contact details of Seller have been provided in § 3.)
  7. In terms of Client’s cancelling via email, the Seller must  send to the Client an email confirming the receipt of the request.
  8. The effect of cancelling the contract :
  1. In terms of cancelling  the Contract by long distance, the Contract is not valid.
  2. In terms of cancelling the Contract, the Seller returns immediately (no longer than 14 days of receiving withdrawal of the Contract) all payments made, including cost of goods delivery, excluding additional costs added by Client due to chosen type of delivery other than the least expensive as offered by the Seller.  
  3. Refund of the payment will be done by Seller with the same methods of payments that were used by Consumer in his/ hers transaction, unless Consumer agrees on different solution which does not involve additional payment.
  4. The Seller may withhold refund of the payment until either receiving the returned Product in original condition or receiving a confirmation of posted return, depending which action takes place first.
  5. Consumer should return the Product immediately to the Seller to the address presented in this Terms and Conditions no longer than 14 days from informing the Seller of cancelling the Contract. Timing is stated  if the Consumer returns the Product within 14 days.  
  6. Consumer covers the direct shipping cost of return of the Product.

§ 10

Compliance and Guarantees

  1. Sales contract regards new Products.
  2. In terms of defect of the Product, Client has the right to make a complaint under warranty in civil law.  
  3. The complaint must be made in writing or electronically to the addresses presented in this Terms and Conditions under the Seller’s communication addresses.
  4. Products returned to the Seller in complaint procedure should be sent to the below address : Kilińskiego 46/37, 41-200 Sosnowiec.

§ 11

Extrajudicial Ways of Filing Complaints and _Pursuing Claims

  1. Detailed information regarding possible extrajudicial ways of filing complaints and pursuing claims, along with access to all these procedures, are available at: http://www.uokik.gov.pl/spory_konsumenckie.php; http://www.uokik.gov.pl/sprawy_indywidualne.php http://www.uokik.gov.pl/wazne_adresy.php.
  2. Consumer has the following epossibilities of extrajudicial ways to file complaints and pursue claims:
  1. Consumer is entitled to file with direct court of consumer protection , which is mentioned in  art. 37 law from 15th December 2000 r. o Inspekcji Handlowej (Dz.U. z 2014 r. poz. 148 z późn. zm.), with application detailing the pursued  claims from Contract with the Seller.
  2. Consumer is entitled to direct provincial inspectorate of Inspekcji Handlowej,  art. 36 law from 15 December 2000 r. o Inspekcji Handlowej (Dz.U. z 2014 r. poz. 148 z późn. zm.), with application of mediation of claim between Consumer and Seller.
  3. Consumer can receive assistance free of charge to pursue the claim with the Seller by consulting with  a city consumer advocate or public organization whose express purpose is to protect consumer rights.

§ 12

Personal Data in the Online Store

  1. The Seller is the administrator of Clients’ personal data collected from the  Online Store.
  2. Personal data is collected by the Administrator via the Online Store are in order to proceed with the Sales Contract and, if consented to by the Client, also for marketing purposes.
  3. Other recipients of the of  Clients’ personal data might be :
  1. If post office or courier delivery option is chosen, the Administrator must share Client’s personal data to the company responsible for delivery.
  2. If electronic card payment is chosen, the Administrator must share Client’s personal data with the business entity providing the Online Store’s payment services.

4. Client has an access to his/ her personal data and can change it at any time. Klient ma prawo dostępu do treści swoich danych oraz ich poprawiania.

5. Providing personal data is free; however, not providing the data noted in the Terms and Conditions as necessary to proceed with the Sales Contract could impede the Seller the ability to fulfill the Sales Contract.

§ 13


1. Orders from the OnlineStore can be made in Polish or English.  

2. Seller reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions for critical reasons , including but not limited to : any change in law;change in payment or delivery options.  

3. In matters not covered by these Regulations, generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: the Civil Code; the Act on the provision of electronic services; Consumer Rights Act, the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.

4. Client has the right  to use non-court options to resolve a complaint or request a refund. To proceed with this process online, Client can submit an Online Dispute Resolution request with the European Commission at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/


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