About us

Olivia Plum  - Polish Girl, traveller and entrepreneur created a brand that answers needs in terms of cleaning, moisturizing and nourishing skin of each type, by delivering all natural beauty products.

Founded by a Polish traveler and entrepreneur from Krakow, Olivia Plum delivers all-natural beauty products designed to clean, moisturize and nourish all skin types.

Olivia Plum travels the world and collects information about different different ingredients and their influence on skin. She believes in goodness within nature. World is beautiful and offers many different plants that bring positive effect on our lives and look. During her travels, observing nature and different cultures, she collects many inspirations and implement them to cosmetic brand.

Olivia Plum travels the world to collect information about different ingredients and their effects on your skin. We aim to bring the goodness of nature - with its beautiful and diverse plant life - directly into your home. Traveling across the world and drawing inspiration from different cultures, Olivia Plum collects only the most sustainable and natural ingredients to help create a positive impact on your life and your looks.  

About Our Brand

Olivia Plum cosmetics are unique with pure recipes and high quality of all ingredients thus more and more clients are choosing our brand.

First collection under Olivia Plum brand is based on products with extra virgin olive oil. We do not have to explain anyone it’s great influence on health and beauty. The best olive oil  comes from Greece and this is the reason why the products comes from Greece. We cooperate with small, local producers and all cosmetics are handmade in small quantity.

Olivia Plum cosmetics are a unique blend of pure local recipes and high quality natural ingredients. Our first collection focuses on extra virgin olive oil. Because we believe the best olive oil comes from Greece, we are working with small, local Greek producers to bring you this limited collection of handmade cosmetics.


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