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High-quality soap deserves to rest in a beautiful place in your bathroom. That's why Olivia Plum offers exquisitely-designed, handmade porcelain soap dishes from Turkey. These dishes were created especially for Olivia Plum at Atelier Zen Ceramics, a craft boutique located in the heart of Istanbul's historic Galata district. Each soap dish has a unique design, enhancing the naturalness of Olivia Plum soaps.

Galata, Turkey
Galata, Turkey

Natural soaps should always be placed in a dry dish away from water. To maintain their quality, we recommend sitting Olivia Plum natural soaps on our special soap dishes. Each Zen Ceramics soap dish will bring a unique character and flair to your bathroom.

Due to the handmade production process, each soap dish is unique and different.

At Zen Gallery, run by Zuhal Bilginalp and Nihal Sarıoğlu, you can find an assortment of unique handmade products for daily use. Their design is inspired by Anatolian culture, but there are also several more innovative and unique styles on display.

Our porcelain soap dishes were created and produced by our friend Mustafa Caner Kurt, Zen Ceramics co-owner. This artist was born in Istanbul and studied art and design at the Marmara University. He has attended international courses, including Escola faild Antonio De Arte in Spain. He is lives and works in Istanbul, with his work often displayed abroad.

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