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Everyone knows the positive influence olive oil can have on both your health and skin. That’s why Olivia Plum’s very first cosmetics all use an olive oil base. And, of course, since some of the best olive oil comes from Greece, all of Olivia Plum’s soaps and liquid soaps are produced from Greek olive farms.

The Greek producer we work with has been operating their own olive groves in the village of Vonitsa, Aitoloakarnania and has produced high-quality cosmetics for many years. Our partner’s experience gives us supreme confidence that we are providing you with some of the highest quality olive oil in all of our soaps. Plus, our recipes are using high quantities of extra virgin olive oil to ensure the greatest positive effect on our skin.

All our soaps are 100% handmade in small quality-controlled batches. Each Olivia Plum recipe has been verified in details to answer needs of our clients. With our offerings, you can choose from different soap recipes depending on your skin needs. Decide from vegan soaps (classic, chamomile, with activated charcoal), moisturizing and calming (with argan oil, silk, chamomile, classic), exfoliating and moisturizing (with poppy seeds), and detoxifying (with activated charcoal).


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